Mark and Steph of Rutland Cakeaway

Mark and Steph are pudding partners.

Mark is an ex-chef who has lived in Oakham for most of his life and has cooked in kitchens all over Rutland including The Grainstore Brewery and Barnsdale Lodge. Mark first started to study cooking when he turned 16 and realised he’d wasted most of his school-life socialising instead of studying and had basically no qualifications! So he thought he’d better get himself a skill that matched his love for food, and ‘Mark the Chef’ was born.

Steph is quite the opposite. Steph spent most of her younger years hiding from people and studying so that she could be a lawyer or an accountant or a vet, but soon came to realise that a life spent with nothing but books makes for a person with absolutely no social skills, meaning Steph is good with numbers and words, but unfortunately, horribly awkward with people. However, having no social skills meant Steph could stay at home and create lots of pudding recipes!

Which means they make the perfect team!

Steph and Mark met back in 2015 when Steph braved her annual outing and agreed to a date with Mark, who took her to the zoo, and has henceforth been known as ZooMan.

Things went pretty well. Steph stopped Mark from making terrible decisions, and Mark encouraged Steph to occasionally leave her home and interact with other human beings.

They travelled all over the place together, mostly eating delicious foods and visiting amazing places, taking disgusting selfies and embarrassing other tourists.

Fast Forward 4 years and Steph was a debt counsellor who, although she enjoyed her work, felt like she just wasn’t in the right place. Mark was building sheds and delivering for a local butcher but something was missing.

So one day, on a whim, Steph quits her job and decides she’s going to do something with her one hobby – baking.

With the last of their savings, Mark and Steph opened Rutland Cakeaway, a delivery service bringing delicious puddings and a friendly face to the people of Rutland. We’re best known for Mark’s jolly personality and Steph’s Banoffee Pie and we hope we make everyone we serve just a little bit happier when we knock on the door.

The Team


Marie is our milkshake lady, she spends her weekends chained to a blender making delicious milkshakes and her weekdays taking care of her gorgeous children and being aunty to our youngest employee – Arthur.


At approximately 20 minutes old Arthur was dubbed Rutland Cakeaway’s youngest employee. Admittedly he doesn’t do much but he’s darn cute and is expertly mothered by - Michelle.


Now, to be honest, Michelle doesn’t really work for us either, but she does a damn good job taking care of Arthur and her husband – Ian.

Mark and Ian

Brothers extraordinaire! Mark is the guy everyone knows, with his big jolly face and his crazy hairiness, he’s probably the man who’ll be knocking on your door. Ian is Arthur’s daddy and our backup driver for when things are getting a little bit crazy. Ian’s job is mainly to be on call for when Steph starts to lose her mind. They’re kept in line by their mum – Lynn.


Lynn’s the big kahuna and keeps everything in check and organised when we’re serving, including managing her sons and our Friday Delivery Man – Jack.


Jack’s our Friday driver. Also known as handsome Jack. Handsome Jack delivers with a grin but his secret passion is numbers and hopefully one day he’ll go from ‘Handsome Jack’ to ‘Accountant Jack’ just like - Steph


Steph’s the one responsible for all the goodies. She’s a natural-born recluse and is most comfortable in the kitchen, talking to herself, tweaking recipes and baking until the early hours, assisted by - Ella


Ella’s our Sunday girl! She’s an absolute lifesaver, reducing stress by approximately 8bn percent and helping with all the things we’d never get around to if she weren’t here to rescue us all.